As a woman financially independent: 7 financial tips

Women and finances - unfortunately this relationship is still affected with many prejudices.That has to change, because it is important for women to take the finances into their own hands.We have seven tips for financial independence.

Make finances about the girl's business

In order not to be afraid of contact with the topic of finances and later in a relationship to not leave it to the partner to clarify the money matters, parents can talk about financial self -determination early on with their daughters.You can convey to you how important and fulfilling it is to be independent.Because whether we believe it or not, when it comes to money, the classic and outdated role distribution is still common today.And the base is laid in childhood.

Start getting money back early

Whether parents, grandparents or Pat: inside - if you have the financial possibilities, you can provide for the child from birth.A small amount per month or year is enough.For example, you can invest it in a sustainable fund.A good sum comes together until the 18th birthday and at the same time you financed the world with something good.Who is not happy about a small financial cushion that makes it easier to start study, training or professional life.

Now invest climate -neutral!

Don't just rely on your pension

Once at work, women should be clear that the legal pension alone is not enough to keep the standard of living in old age.Sometimes she is not even enough to make ends meet.For comparison: In 1980 the pension level - i.e. the percentage of gross wages, which is paid out as a pension - was 57.6 percent.By 2030, the pension level will only be 44 percent, trend: falling.Therefore, private retirement provision is extremely important, especially since a company pension is not guaranteed by all employers.

Ensure financial equality in the partnership

Especially in partnerships with children, you should take a close look at the financial planning and age protection together.Because in classical partnerships and marriages it is mostly like this: the children are born and the woman stays at home.If the children are larger, many women work part -time.In 2019, the Federal Ministry of Family, Seniors, Women and Youth examined the life realities of women between 30 and 50 years in a large study.Accordingly, only 10 percent of women of this age phase have their own net income of over 2,000 euros.Of the married women, 19 percent have no own income and a total of 63 percent earn below 1,000 euros a month.

This means that while women take care of the children, men can make a career.Your salaries rise much faster - and even in the event of a divorce you start financially at a completely different level than most women.Often it is also the women who, after a separation, mostly take care of children's education and thus continue to work to a limited extent.Sad but unfortunately (still) the rule.That is why it is advisable to secure yourself financially in a partnership or marriage.Even if it sounds little romantic: a marriage contract can turn out to be a blessing.

Discover what money can do

Get control and the emergency egg

No matter what life situation or constellation you are in, to make it for later, it is always important.Before you start: get an overview of your financial options.For example, a classic household book is suitable for this.So it quickly becomes clear how much you would have to save regularly.It is also important to have an emergency hewn that you really only touch on in extreme emergencies.It is advisable for this to be around two to three net monthly salaries.

Just start

The most important thing in private retirement provision is easy to start.For example, if the emergency hewn is stored in a call money account, it is time to invest.Honestly: In the foreseeable future, interest is no longer available.Seen in the long term, higher returns can be achieved with (stock) funds than with overnight accounts.However, there is - especially at short notice - the risk of falling courses.Nevertheless: If you want a return, you have to take a certain risk.It is best to enter into the money that you do not need for short to medium term.So money so that you can do without for a while without it hurting you.And here too: small cattle also make crap.To regularly invest 25 euros in a savings plan are a great beginning.

Now invest climate -neutral!

Take over with outdated thought patterns

How often do we hear that money supposedly spoils the character?Or we are talking to ourselves that we cannot handle money anyway or that we do not hold out and in the end in the end again upside down, etc.Women in particular should talk about money, whether privately or professionally.After all, most men have always done it that way.And here it is actually all alone because of us to change old thinking patterns: confidently demands what you are entitled to.

By the way: Claudia Müller, the founder of the Female Finance Forum basically speaks of anticipation and not provision.Look forward to the age with financial joy and now rings it.

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