Lena Gercke: "I made a lot of mistakes"

Has your career as a model helped you to find your own style? Especially at the beginning of your career, you tended to rely on eye-catching pieces.

At the beginning of my modeling career, at the age of just 17, I had hardly any idea about fashion. All the years in the model and fashion business have also shaped and changed my style a lot and of course I have also developed a feeling for fashion and now I know what suits me and what doesn't suit me. I, too, made a lot of mistakes and today I often think: "For God's sake, what were you wearing back then?" But trends are constantly changing and fashion faux pas are part of it. Some people only become more successful with something when they are older. And then they have already found their style. I have been in the public eye since the beginning of my career and have been photographed in the media since I was 17 years old. At 17, I was still a long way from where I am today. And so it was with my style – I had to find it first.

Lena Gercke:

Hair off - and that's a good thing

At GNTM, your long hair was cut radically short. would you do that again

I cut my hair myself two years ago. I honestly love experimenting with my hair. I also really like short hair these days. Back then I was very attached to my hair, but that's not the case anymore because my job meant I had to slip into different roles so often, had different hairstyles and now I know what suits me and what doesn't.

Your model colleague Barbara Meier has just brought out a collection, but a mini-me collection. Would that be something for you too?

We are growing more and more with the LeGer brand and I can very well imagine opening other fashion areas in the future. But currently it is not planned.