Life with trisomy 21: anything but different

People like him often have difficulties with fine movements.Because Anton has the Down syndrome.He has too many chromosomes.This is the name of the components in the cell nucleus that save genetic information.Chromosome 21 is not twice in people with Down syndrome, but three times.Down syndrome is therefore also called trisomy 21.One of 700 children is born by chance.The third chromosome 21 causes disabilities.Anton, for example, cannot process that much information at the same time.He learns a little slower.

Anton's mother Svenja therefore had her son trained with one year late.At the age of seven, Anton went to a primary school where all children learned together - whether with or without disabilities.Anton's mother actually thinks this idea is good."But most teachers at primary school didn't know how children like Anton learn.They were concerned about overwhelming Anton.While the other children were sitting in class, he rocked or played football, "says Svenja."In class, however, all children should be challenged and encouraged!"

Leben mit Trisomie 21: Alles andere als anders