Sustainable sunscreens: 8 brands without plastic packaging

Being outside in the summer is the best. Sunscreen is needed to keep your skin beautiful and protected. Preferably sustainable and without plastic packaging. We introduce you to eight brands.

Are you happy that summer is coming soon? Maybe you go to the lake and sunbathe there. Then you should have sunscreen on hand, preferably eco-friendly. The following brands produce sunscreen with natural UV filters and no plastic packaging.

Unfortunately, there seems to be very few sunscreens without plastic packaging that carry a natural cosmetics seal. But we found two products. When selecting the other products, we made sure to choose sun creams with ingredients that were as natural as possible and with harmless UV filters.

Questionable ingredients and alternatives to them

Sunscreen is not just sunscreen. Many conventional sun creams contain questionable substances such as oxybenzone, octocrylene or benzophenone. These chemical UV filters can have negative effects on health and the environment, which is why non-synthetic, mineral UV filters are more recommended.

Other controversial substances that can be found in products with chemical UV filters as well as in products with mineral UV filters are nanoparticles. These particles are smaller than 100 nanometers (ie ten-thousandths of a millimeter). It is assumed that these particles can penetrate the skin barrier due to their small size and thus enter the bloodstream.

So far, however, it is not clear how nanoparticles work in the body, but their use in cosmetics and food is controversial. Most of the sun creams presented therefore expressly do without nanoparticles in the mineral UV filters used.

Alteya: the cosmetic sun cream

The organic Damascena sunscreen without plastic packaging from the Alteya brand has a sun protection factor of 25 and, according to the manufacturer, adapts to the complexion.

However, the sunscreen is not completely without plastic packaging, as the pump attachment of the glass bottle is made of plastic. But most of the packaging is plastic-free. In addition, the sunscreen from Alteya is NaTrue-certified, i.e. certified organic cosmetics.

The advantages of sunscreen from Alteya at a glance:

Protects against UVA and UVB radiation

Certified organic cosmetics (NaTrue)

Translucent tint

Without nano zinc oxide

With 100 percent Bulgarian organic rose oil

To buy: from approx. 28 euros at Naturdrogerie

TOUN28: Goodbye blue light and plastic packaging!

Skin care and environmental protection are also combined in the world's first cream with HEV light and UV sun protection from TOUN28. HEV stands for "High Energy Visible", i.e. high-energy visible light, which is also known as blue light. This light is suspected to affect melatonin secretion and interfere with sleep.

The sunscreen filters the blue light, similar to blue filter glasses. At the same time, it offers very high UV protection and has a sun protection factor of 50. The sunscreen is available for either oily skin or dry skin. It is therefore ideal for special skin types.

In addition, the sunscreen is certified according to the standards of COSMOS ORGANICS and BDIH. It is therefore an organic cosmetic product.

TOUN28 offers you the following with the brand's own sunscreen:

Certified according to COSMOS ORGANIC and BDIH

Protection against HEV, UVA and UVB (proven by TÜV Rheinland)

Free from synthetic protective filters

Without synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives

Contains no paraffin, silicone or petroleum products

Alcohol free and hypoallergenic

To buy**: from approx. 40 euros at Avocadostore or at Amazon

NKM: sun cream in a tube

Naturkosmetik München, NKM for short, produces cosmetics in its own factory in Munich. The label also has sunscreen without plastic packaging in its range.

The sun cream in the tube offers sun protection with a light tint and sun protection factor 25. It is suitable for everyday use. However, if you are exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, NKM recommends products with a higher sun protection factor.

The benefits of NKM sunscreen are:

Dermatologically tested

UVA and UVB protection

Suitable for skin prone to blemishes

To buy: from approx. 29 euros at NKM

Sol De Ibiza: sunscreen in a tin

Sol De Ibiza also offers sunscreen without plastic packaging. Instead, the cream comes in small metal cans - which can then be converted to store small jewelry or wrap smaller gifts, for example.

The sun cream also contains many natural ingredients, including coconut oil, aloe vera and almond oil.

Sol De Ibiza sunscreen offers you:

Mineral sun protection with zinc oxide and titanium oxide

Without nanoparticles




To buy: from about 20 euros at Amazon** and Greentastic

Suntribe: sunscreen without plastic packaging, not just for surfing

Sport in the sun, with sunscreen without plastic packaging, that's what Suntribe makes possible. The brand specializes primarily in surfers who want to protect themselves from the sun during their hobby.

The Bio Sun Sticks with natural zinc can also be used by all other sun worshipers when doing sports, for example climbing, cycling and hiking - or simply at home in your own garden.

The packaging of the sun cream does not contain any plastic because it is made of cardboard. The handy stick can be twisted out and applied, similar to a lip balm. The sunscreen is also available in aluminum cans.

What sets Suntribe sunscreen apart:

Zero Waste (paper only)

Suitable for cold and warm temperatures


Available in four colors (white, smoked, ocean blue, retro red)

To buy**: from approx. 15 euros at Amazon and at Ecco Verde

Villa Lavanda: "Pump it up" without plastic packaging

"Germany's first sunscreen in a jar", as it is called on the Villa Lavanda website, comes in a practical bottle with a pump dispenser. Granted, the packaging isn't entirely plastic-free as the pump dispenser is made of plastic, but it can be reused.

When you run out of sunscreen, simply order a refill bottle from Villa Lavanda, clean your old pump dispenser and keep using it. Instructions for cleaning the pump dispenser can be found on the website. You can give the old bottle for recycling.

Sun cream with sun protection factor 20 and 30 is available in the bottle with pump dispenser. You also get sunscreen with sun protection factor 50 in the glass jar.

Villa Lavanda sunscreen offers you:

UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection

Without chemical UV filters

Without titanium dioxide

Without nanoparticles

Without mineral and palm oil

Without parabens and PEG

To buy: from about 10 euros at Villa Lavanda

We Love The Planet: through stick and thin without plastic

If you want to do without plastic packaging and glass completely, you can try paper. Or with cardboard, because that's what the packaging for the We Love The Planet sunscreen sticks is made of.

Available in SPF 20 and SPF 30, the We Love Sunscreen sticks provide 95 percent and 97 percent sun protection, respectively, without using traditional filters like oxybenzone.

Compared to liquid sun creams, the stick itself is relatively dry and therefore does not leak. This consistency makes it “travel safe” and it can be carried in hand luggage, for example. In addition, the cardboard packaging is lighter than glass and shatterproof like plastic packaging.

The We Love The Planet Sunscreen Stick has the following benefits:

Zero Waste (paper only)

Natural UV filters (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide)

UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection


Waterproof and sweat resistant

To buy: from approx. 18 euros at Avocadostore**, We Love The Planet and in well-stocked organic retailers

New on the market: 4 people who care

From July 2021, another brand with sustainable sunscreen without plastic packaging will be launched: 4 people who care.

4 people who care produce sunscreen that is completely free of plastic, contains neither chemical UV filters nor nanoparticles and should not leave a white film on the skin. The sunscreen is also waterproof and has an SPF of 50. In the future, the sunscreen from 4 people who care will be available in organic wholesale and probably in well-known organic supermarkets. Some of the sunscreen is then also available in smaller retailers and in bulk shops.

You can also buy the sunscreen in the online shop of 4 people who care.

Utopia means

Sun creams now do without plastic packaging. You can find them online, in organic supermarkets or in bulk stores, for example. These creams protect you from the sun's harmful rays just as well as creams in plastic containers.

Whether plastic or not: It is best to use certified natural cosmetics with harmless ingredients, i.e. also without nanoparticles. Ideally, without plastic packaging.


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