Silver onions: grow, harvest and insert

Silver onions are mild and particularly small onions with silvery skin.We show you how you can grow and harvest the special onion in your own garden and how you then insert the silver bulbs.

With a diameter of only about 15 to 35 millimeters, silver onions are much smaller than conventional dining onions, but are part of the same botanical family.The name "silver onion" is derived from the Silbrig shimmering outer skin.The special onion variety is not only very small, but also significantly milder in taste than its larger species.

Classically, silver bulbs are inserted, for example as a component of mixed pickles.They are also often on the table as a raclette supplement or fondue supplement.Braised or fried, fresh silver onions are also suitable as a side dish for hearty meat, vegetable or potato dishes.

Fresh silver bulbs are not always easy to get on the weekly market.If you want to save yourself the search, you can alternatively plant it in your own garden.Silver onions are not very easy to care for, but if you dedicate the necessary attention to them, you will still get a satisfactory harvest.We'll tell you what to look for.

Install silver bulbs yourself: This is how it works

You can get seeds for silver onions in garden trade or online.When buying, make sure that it is organic seeds.You can read why this is important here: organic seeds: good reasons for organic seeds and where you can buy them.As a rule, silver onions are not available as early young plants.

The best time to sow silver bulbs in the field is between March and April - but it is possible until June.Before you bring the seeds into the ground, you should first choose a suitable location:

Soil: Like other onions, silver bulbs thrive particularly well on loamy and calcareous soil.If the soil quality at the desired plant is not optimal, you can compensate for this by mixing some compost underground.In any case, it is important to loosen the soil in front of the plant.

Lighting conditions: Silver onions need enough warmth to grow.A full sun is therefore best suited.

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Once you have found the right place for your silver onions, you proceed as follows with the sowing:

Loose the floor in front of the plant well.If necessary, mix some compost underground.If the soil is naturally nutritious, this is not necessary.

Pull into the ground at a distance of about eight to ten centimeters.

Then put the seeds in the rows.Due to the small size, you can sow silver onions relatively densely, but should still make sure that the individual seeds are not directly together.A distance of one to two centimeters is sufficient.

Cover the seed after planting about two centimeters high with soil.

Pour well the seeds at the end.

Care and harvest of silver bulbs

At the beginning of the growth phase, you should pour the silver bulbs regularly and make sure that the floor does not dry out.Later it is sufficient to water only in longer dry periods.This is what weeds are of the actual care effort: Especially with small vegetable plants such as silver onions, it is important to remove weeds regularly so that they are not overgrown.Occasionally you can also carefully loosen the upper layer of earth.But make sure not to violate the plants.

The silver bulbs are ready for harvesting when the unearthly growing leaves turns from green to brown and dries out.This is usually the case for ten to twelve weeks after sowing.Depending on when you sown it, you can harvest silver bulbs until August and September.Simply pull the onions carefully with your hand on your leaves.If you come across resistance, loosen the surrounding earth beforehand.

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Silver onions are annual plants and not hardy.If you want to harvest again the following year, you have to spend new seeds again.However, note that you should not plant onion plants on the same location for several years in a row.So that the soil remains nutrient -rich, you should wait four years.The following types of vegetables, for example, are suitable as follow -up freights:

Plant cauliflower

Plant cucumber

Kohlrabi plants

Plant radishes

In order to be able to process the harvested silver bulbs, you have to remove the leaves by kinking it or off.Then you can insert the onions in a classic way, for example.For this we show you a simple recipe.

Silberzwiebeln: Anbauen, ernten und einlegen

Insert silver onions: simple step-by-step instructions

Silver onions pickled

Preparation: approx. 45 minutes

Quantity: 3 serving (s)


500 g silver onions

500 ml white wine vinegar

250 ml of water

2 tablespoons of sugar or honey

2 tablespoons of mustard grains

1 teaspoon black peppercorns

2 allspice grains

a little dill (as you wish)


Prepare three mason jars of around 400 milliliters each by cleaning them well and sterilizing the glasses.If you want, you can also use two larger glasses instead.

Peel the silver bulbs.The easiest way to do this is to blanch them in boiling salted water for a few seconds and then put them off with ice water.The outer shell can then be easily solved.Set the peeled silver bulbs aside while you put on the vinegar.

Mix vinegar, water, honey or sugar and spices in a large saucepan.Cook the brew and let it cook until honey or sugar have completely dissolved.

Then turn down the heat and put the silver onions into the pot.Let them pull through in the boiling but no longer boiling water for 20 to 30 minutes.

Take the pot from the stove and divide the silver onions evenly on the prepared glasses.Make sure you are completely covered by the brew.

Consciously seal the glasses immediately after you have filled them and check that they are tightly closed.Let the inserted silver bulbs pull for at least two to three weeks in a cool and dark place before you eat them.The silver onions can be kept unopened for at least six months.After opening, keep in the fridge for about two to three weeks.

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