Sneaker exhibition in Hamburg: How sneakers became a cult object

The "Air Jordan" series promised the "altitude" of the NBA star. The models of "Air Max" the "Attitude" of his colleague Charles Barkley. To this day, the advertising industry plays with a feeling of "anything is possible". In the 2015 poster of the Japanese brand Onitsuka Tiger, a young man stands still and solid in the canyon of high-rise buildings, surrounded by the flood of passers-by, solid as a rock: "A Product of Inner Confidence".

A battle for rarities has long broken out among collectors. When Adidas launches a new limited model, it often sells out within seconds. Models like the "Air Max Plus" cost 600 euros or more. "It's not fun anymore," says Morano. He has therefore now given up the search for new models and is relying on contacts in the scene. Perhaps, says curator Döring, the point has come when sports shoes will finally advance to become highly traded and elite exhibits in the museum scene. Just like the porcelain cups once did.