Buy hiking shoes: you should pay attention to this

There are a few things to consider when buying hiking boots: It is best to wait until the afternoon to buy hiking boots, as the foot swells over the course of the day. You should also take a few hours to buy hiking boots. Only then can the models in question be thoroughly tried out in a specialist shop. Good shops also measure the foot before buying a hiking boot and offer a sloping surface for walking uphill and downhill. To try them on, you should put on the hiking socks that you will later wear on tour. Make sure your hiking boots roll off smoothly – the more smoothly a shoe rolls off, the better. Ideally, the roll-off point is directly under the ball of your foot. If you are prone to pressure points, you should wear extra thick socks. Special insoles, for example from Superfeet, Sidas or Spenco, improve the fit in the shoe - a worthwhile purchase!

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