Ratsgymnasium Wolfsburg

Ratsgymnasium WolfsburgRatsgymnasium Wolfsburg

"Man, two children, house, car"

What does the youth actually think is normal?Inquiries at the Wolfsburg Ratsgymnasium.

Text: Gerhard Waldherrfoto: Felix Brüggemann

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• If you take the current Shell youth study, the 2500 pupils from 12 to 25 years about their life situation, their beliefs and values as well as their attitudes to politics, then you don't have to worry about Germany's youth.After all, 59 percent of the respondents are confident about their future;76 percent emphasize the value of the family for growing up;69 percent later want a family themselves.

The interest in politics is weaker than in the generation of their parents;Only every third deals with it among the 15- to 17-year-olds.Not surprisingly: 96 percent have internet access, with about a quarter of young people spending their time with video games or on social networks.The greatest concern is the youth of climate change.

Wolfsburg, Pestalozziallee 2. The council high school has 782 students in 23 classes.It is one of the better high schools in Lower Saxony.The Abitur cut has been under that of the federal state for years.What Angelika Frank, the headmistress, leads back to "methodically diverse offers, a learning atmosphere that also allows good learning".In addition to three school profiles, "within whom students can develop in their personalities", there are year-on project days, such as a trip to a high ropes climbing garden, a climate action week or theater groups whose lessons operate under "performing game".Frank says: "We try to offer the students something beyond classic lessons - be it a conversation with a journalist."

At the beginning of September, a Monday, room H 31. Class 10 b, secondary level II. Just on the timetable: history.Topic: The National Socialist takeover in 1933. The class has 25 students, 24 of whom are present.Eight of them regularly read newspaper;18 are on Facebook, 16 of them every day;Four go to church regularly;Seven wear braces and every fourth is foreign origin.Everyone knows that Wolfsburg was founded in 1938 by the National Socialist organization "Power through Joy" (KDF) as a location for the production of a cheap car, a Volkswagen in the sense of word.And that the VW beetle became the KDF car.

What is normal? One student: "Family have, man, two children, house, car." Interjection: "You forgot the dog." General cheerfulness. Another voice: "Our neighbor already has six children and is already pregnant again, I don't know if that's normal." One thinks that the people in Berlin run around, in wild clothes and tattooed from top to bottom. He is "not normal" in Wolfsburg. The next student: "It is normal with us that large and modern cars drive around everywhere." Another: "For many in Wolfsburg, it is normal to go to VW, I am not interested in technology, for me it is not Normal. "A classmate:" If all Justin Bieber think it's great, I don't have to do that too. "Interjection:" It is gay anyway. "What follows is a debate about homosexuality in which everyone emphasizes that homosexuality is normal. The opposite documents that they discuss it for a quarter of an hour for a quarter of an hour.

What is important?Everyone says: Education, the school forms the basis for a good job, good income.The issue of the school newspaper »Logo« also serves for everything else.Cover story: “No makes the drugs !!!- Is it? ”On nine pages everything from cannabis to methamphetamine.A social network that is more suitable for students than Facebook, and the political phenomenon of the pirate party reports about the precious raw materials of water, death and death.When asked who will go to election in four years, if you will be entitled to vote for the first time, twelve fingers will go up in class 10 B.

"I think," says headmistress Frank, "what is normal is sometimes easier to determine when you draw comparisons." Too in the past.For example, the high school was initially denied.A girl doesn't need a higher education.Realschule is also enough.A girl gets children at some point anyway.Frank switched from the secondary school to a high school, studied, got three children and started at work after the youngsters had the elementary school.As a student, according to Frank, she suffered from this, such as "bureaucratic, authoritarian, narrow -minded and ducky", she was school business;Today the school is "alive, open and active".A year ago, her school recorded two children with special needs: "It was not normal for a high school."

Above all, the students have changed.Frank says: “Compared to my early days as a teacher, the students are more confident, more discussion.Since they are exposed to a lot more information from the media than before, their thirst for knowledge has already been breastfed. ”In the past, younger students asked questions such as: How quickly does a sparkling run?"Today," says Frank, "the questions in the lower classes are different, today it is more about establishing connections." At the same time, "but" the pupils do not bring so much knowledge about arithmetic and writing from primary school ".Mental arithmetic?Long out.But here too, according to Frank, "it always depends on the individual case."

It also fits what the authors of the Sinus youth study found that was published last year."How do young people tick?" Sen't the key question and title of the investigation.Answer: The youth could not be described in general, but only in their diversity.

Five examples

Melanie Rosenthal, 16

I find my life perfect.That's how I want to live later.My father works in sales at VW.My mother is a dance teacher and educational employee at a school.Our life is regulated and harmonious.This feeling of security is very desirable for me.I also don't want to do a year abroad like others from my class.I find okay over the holidays abroad.I don't want to live there.I will surely have a family and children later and would like to stay with them near my parents.

I like going to school.I have good grades, there is no subject in which I am bad.But I'm not a stroller.My favorite subject is music.I play the piano and saxophone and lead dance groups in my free time.The participants are children, but also adults.When I give instructions in the dance studio, I am not the 16-year-old girl off the street, but the trainer.Studying - that's how I imagine it - I will be a teacher.Main subject music.Second subject possibly history, but maybe also a foreign language.Maybe I will do a voluntary social year before my studies, maybe at a theater, an aunt did that too.

I have little free time.A large part of the day is determined by the school.You choose school.I don't have a friend.I was taught that you should first take care of your education.I have a really best friend I can talk to about everything.Sometimes, when time allows, we also go to the café.I'm not on Facebook.I think it's bad that an employer can read through what you do in your free time.My parents pay clothes.So I can spend my pocket money and what I earn with the dance groups.You can't say that I don't save, but I spend most of my money.

I like Germany.We live in freedom.We have social justice.There is no one at our school that is really poor.In Germany you can feel safe, people understand each other well.I am afraid that a third world war could break out.When you see what happens in Egypt or Syria and how the USA interfere.There is totally stress.If you turn on the television, you keep looking at the top ten of the disasters."Papa," I say, "please, I don't want to see this negative."

Timon Drexler, 15

Wo ich in fünf Jahren sein werde? Ich denke, ich werde noch bei meinen Eltern wohnen. Ich werde am Anfang meiner Ausbildung zum Koch und Konditor stehen und versuchen, erst mal Lebenserfahrung zu sammeln. Ein Großteil davon wird aus Reisen bestehen. Ich möchte gerne nach Amerika, um Hollywood, die Westküste und die Nationalparks zu sehen. Australien finde ich auch spannend. Mit meinen Eltern habe ich bislang meistens an der Nord- und Ostsee und im Harz Urlaub gemacht. Ich werde versuchen, die Möglichkeiten, die ich habe, auszunutzen. Eine Familie, Frau, Kinder, kann ich mir schon vorstellen, aber es müsste halt passen und zeitlich mit dem Beruf vereinbar sein.Ratsgymnasium Wolfsburg

For me, school and Abitur are coming anyway.My father teaches at the Ratsgymnasium, and he told me that from 11th grade after school you will do homework until 10 p.m.At most, you still have time for dinner.This is due to the new G8 system.Many students are overwhelmed.But I really want to graduate, although I won't need it professionally, but with a high school diploma you generally have better chances.With a high school diploma and training as a cook and confectioner, I can later go to all directions professionally: restaurant, hotel, management.

I think that's good for Germany: that you have all the possibilities.The economy is stable.There are many good companies.That is why we are relatively wealthy in Germany.This is not even a matter of course in Europe.I have been pursuing politics for a long time.In the election campaign, everything sounds nice that the politicians want to do.But so important questions like education remain open.We young people are not involved by the politicians.

In my free time I play drums, I ride a bike or skateboard on paved dirt roads with friends.And I'm in the diving club.I'm on Facebook every day, but not long, I prefer to play video games with my friends, for example "League of Legends".At the moment I read "Cemetery of the Cuddly Anies" by Stephen King for the second time.I have a smartphone, but an older model, for an iPhone 5 I would not spend my pocket money.The most expensive on my clothes are shoes from Converse, they cost 40 euros.I have never had jeans that was more expensive than 15 euros.I don't know whether this is normal.Everyone thinks they are normal.For me, of course, I'm normal.You know nothing more than yourself.

Lisa Dibo Marie Gonda, 16

I don't find myself normal.I am different.It starts with my skin color.My mother is half Belgian, half Hungarian, my mother tongue is French.My father came from Cameroon, where he also died three years ago.It was said that it was a car accident.But I never found out what exactly happened.

When I was small, I lived with my mother with my grandmother in Braunschweig, my mother had to work as a seller, sometimes until midnight.In the meantime, she is a personnel officer at a school and we live in Calberlah.This is a place with 5000 inhabitants at Isenbüttel.I was racially insulted and insulted at the high school there.It was said: "Go back to your country." But I was born here, Germany is my country.I was also bullied because I was very thick.I weighed 70 kilos.Then I did sports.Joggen, aerobics, inline skating.So I got slim.I still go to the gym.

I am also different because I deal intensively with Japanese culture.I love mangas and anime films.I disguise myself like manga figures, i.e. with school uniform and checkered skirts.I also learn Japanese.There is a large fan base for mangas and anime films that agreed on the Internet.Together we synchronized an anime film and compose music together.I attach great importance to electronic devices.I have a smartphone, a large 3D flat screen TV, several consoles, Playstation, Wii, Nintendo 64 and DS, a Gameboy, a PC, a laptop and a tablet.My dream is to study animation in California at Disney University and work in Japan.

I live very much for myself, I spend most of my time in my room, where I also eat most meals.That is my own wish.I am not deported by my mother and stepfather.I hardly have friends outside the Internet.My mom likes country life, she is almost eco.No plastic bags, only regional products, meat is rare.Mom has pots with herbs and tomatoes in the living room.I think the whole organic movement makes no difference.The world will be dirty and broken in 50 years, there will hardly be nature anymore.

I want to move out as soon as possible.I want to decide for myself when I go to bed.With my half -orphan pension and Bafög that would have to be possible.I will no longer live in the village.I don't like Wolfsburg because it only consists of VW.I would like the Ruhr area.That is what I heard.I haven't been there yet.

Luca Grossegger, 15

Football and friends are important for me.I am a center forward at the JSG Hehlingen-Barnsdorf-Nordsteimke.We have training and a game twice a week.B youth.District league.We are actually quite good, only in the end we had to play against a team, in which everyone was as big as me and twice as wide.I am 1.90 meters tall.We had no chance.

Almost all of my friends are football buddies.I already know most of them all my life.In summer we often go swimming together in the VW bathroom.We don't hang around in cafes.We would have to take the bus to the city, we don't feel like it.We are often with me and games on the Playstation.Football always works.Our favorites also include "Black Ops".You hold a gun and run through the world and shoot.If you don't really shoot in people, I have no problem with it.But we also play "Grand Theft Auto", in which the protagonist strives for a career as a criminal.

The school is also important.I don't have a plan for my professional life yet, but I want to graduate, have a good degree so that I can study and get a good job later.I want to make money, but also be happy.I still have to learn a lot for that.Our school is considered the most demanding here in the area.There are subjects that are not fun.I'm not that good in German.When I write a poetry interpretation, I know that I will never do that afterwards.After school I drive to my grandma to eat.She does everything for me.She buys what I want.I save my pocket money for a television.Almost all of the class have an iPhone, which is normal.I have an iPhone 5. This is the best.

My parents both work at Volkswagen.My father works in procurement, during the week I only see him in the morning and in the evening.VW often plays a role in the talks at home.My parents don't say to me that I should also go to VW because you earn well and have a safe job.I know that this is so.Environment or climate change are not an issue.I recently watched the TV duel Merkel a bit.I found it boring.I didn't understand what they want to do.I didn't feel addressed.What should they tell me too?

Maria Horstmann, 15

I feel totally normal, but I think I'm not looking at the others in the class.When I tell that I go to the service that I was in Hamburg at the Kirchentag, then they are amazed.We pray at home before eating, I pray before going to bed, either a Lord's Prayer or a prayer that has something to do with something that I experienced during the day.At school I can not talk to anyone about religion, nobody has ever been interested in it.For me it is nice to know that Christians hold together, most of my classmates have no relationship.

I would like to help people with my job later.I want to earn money, have a house and a car, I want to go on vacation, but I don't want to enrich myself for others.I could well imagine geographer.I am very concerned with the topic of the environment.At home we talk a lot about helping my parents to Greenpeace and Opportunity International, a Christian aid organization that supports people in third world countries to help themselves.These countries are particularly affected by climate change.I would like to work professionally to prevent climate disaster.

We are four children, nothing is thrown away with us, we only eat organic food or fruit and vegetables from Grandma's garden, we cook jams ourselves.What I noticed in classmates: that you don't eat your plates empty.I always do that.When my mother separated from our father, we lived from Hartz IV for a while. It was not an easy time.We couldn't buy clothes as we wanted.I often got clothes from my larger siblings.But since then our family can no longer knock it over.That shaped me a lot, social behavior in our family.That it is normal to share.I would like to have a family with at least three or four children later.

I am not bullied at school, definitely not.But of course they watch because I only have an old mobile phone, no smartphone.I don't have a flat either, so you have to call me.I don't need it all.Facebook didn't allow me to allow my mother and stepfather.I'm happy about that.Nobody knows how our data is dealt with.Most do this only because they do not have a contact person at home or want to specify with 500 contacts, which builds up when they have many likes.I think that's sad.I like to read.It is currently a book about female explorers.I got books past.For his birthday too.I wish this Christmas again books.

However, I wish more that Germany remains a country in which no one is suppressed because of his religion or political opinion.And there should be further school and education for everyone.I would definitely vote if I should and I would find out beforehand.---

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