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Eine Carte Blanche von Mamablog-Userin Catharina Fingerhuth.Mamablog - Mama, das ist peinlich!

& quot; do you want to go to the office like this? & quot; when mommy & APOs; s wardrobe hurts her daughter & APOs; s eyes.

Do you have a daughter between the ages of 12 and 16? Then you may feel familiar with the following dialogue at 7: 00 in the morning. Daughter: & quot; does the blue shirt match the black trousers? & quot; Mother: & quot; looks great. & quot; daughter: & quot; ISN & APOs; t that too boring? & quot; Mother: & quot; certainly not. You can wear the colourful scarf. & quot; daughter: & quot; I prefer to put on something else. & quot; this scene can now repeat itself as often as possible.

And eventually, at the latest just before you have to leave the house, your daughter is ready and sees what you have dressed. Daughter: & quot; Mom, do you want to go to the office like this? & quot; Mother: & quot; why do you ask? & quot; daughter: & quot; Ehm, the pants look kind of weird. & quot; Mother: & quot; what do you mean funny? & quot; daughter: & quot; well, funny. & quot; what she means is: they have too short legs or just a bad taste. And that's just embarrassing.

You might not. But your daughter. Because she wants her parents not to notice if possible. Neither positive nor negative. So too trendy is just as bad as it is too old to bake. Yeah, that doesn't make dressing any easier in the morning. Because apart from jeans, almost everything falls into one or the other category.

Akzeptieren Sie also, dass ein Grossteil der Modetrends nicht für Mütter über 30 gemacht ist. Und sowieso haben Sie doch eigentlich kaum Ahnung von den Styles, die grad angesagt sind. Aber Ihre Tochter. Die weiss auch, was gar nicht geht – und kennt Alternativen:Mamablog - Mama, das ist peinlich!

Do you really feel that bold? Animal prints from current shows.

Animal print. Do you really feel so bold that you think you have to wear a leopard top or tiger boots? Of course, the designers have designed such models for the fall 2010 collection. But let & APOs; s face it-animal patterns always seem a bit cheap. Alternative: if already zoo-style, then prefer an artificial fur vest or a wrong fur collar as an accessory.

Backpacks. Even if half Hollywood wants to make us believe that we can finally trade the heavy handbag for a comfortable backpack. Backpacks are clumsy and look like walking group for elderly. All the backpacks. Yes, also the leather model by Louis Vuitton. Alternative: the new shoulder bags in Schulthek style also relieve the back and are much more elegant.

Grobe Schnürboots. Dr. Martens & Co. waren schon mal in, aber da waren Sie noch jung. Klar, Schuhe mit dicker Gummisohle sind superbequem und auch für Shoppingtouren bei Schlammwetter geeignet. Doch ab einem gewissen Alter werden Frauen in den klobigen Dingern zu Trampeltieren. Alternative: Wenn schon geschnürt, dann die angesagten Brogues, das Damenmodell zum eleganten Herrenschuh.

Ihre Tochter wird nicht mit Ihnen gemeinsam aus dem Haus gehen: Victoria Beckham in Lederleggins.Mamablog - Mama, das ist peinlich!

Leather leggings. If you Don & APOs; t happen to be 1.79 m tall and have legs like elite model Lejla Hodzic, then Don & APOs; t worry about these skin-tight rockstyle pants. You're making a fool of yourself, and your daughter won't walk out of the house with you. The same applies to jeggings or oiltouch pants. Alternative: in comfortable chino pants you are guaranteed to make a better figure.

Shorts & Strumpfhose. Kurze Hosen können Sie im Sommer tragen, aber auch nur, wenn Ihre Beine etwas hergeben. Mit Strumpfhosen kombiniert haben sie was von Dorfdisco. Wenn es sich um abgeschnittene Jeans und farbige Strumpfhosen handelt, siehts besonders schlampig aus. Alternative: Sie wollen trotzdem Bein zeigen? Nylons zum Rock wirken viel eleganter – aber nicht zum...

... plate skirt. The swinging jupe in the style of the 1950s is back. High in the waist, heavy fabrics and in mid length (under the knee): this quickly looks bolder and old cheek and doesn & APOs; t fit any figure, even though the skirt covers problem areas. Even worse is the retro-model with dots. Alternative: you can also get the Fifties trend with 7 / 8 pants and pfennig sales.

Knee stockings. Lange Stockings are celebrating a revival in autumn 2010. Not only at the Oktoberfest in Munich. Especially the models made of thick rope are popular. But the schoolgirl look is not for mothers, even in covered colors. Knee stockings in open shoes look particularly ridiculous. Alternative: fancy socks that flash out under the long trouser leg give more.

Kennen Sie noch mehr absolute Mode-No-Gos für Mamas?Mamablog - Mama, das ist peinlich!

Catharina Fingerhuth, 42, has a teenage daughter and two sons. As a journalist, she writes for the online magazine Clack, among others. The Mamablog thanks Catharina Fingerhuth quite cordially.

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