Sneaker classic: Converse Chucks: This is how we combine the trend shoe 2021

Converse Chucks are among the shoe all-rounders in every outfit. What makes the sneaker classic "Converse Chuck Taylor All Star" so special and how do we combine the popular Chucks this spring and summer?

All-time favourite: The Chucks from the street style label Converse have become indispensable in the fashion world. The sneaker classic has been an integral part of our wardrobe for years. Chucks, more precisely the "Converse Chuck Taylor All Star" model, are once again at the forefront this spring and summer. What makes the summery canvas sneaker so unique and what do trendsetters wear with the popular shoes? We clarify.

Chucks: What does the flagship model "Converse Chuck Taylor All Star" look like?

High-cut, with 14 eyelets and in black, the cult sneaker "Chuck Taylor All Star" from Converse has made a name for itself. Already knew? The Chuck Taylor sneaker was originally developed as a basketball shoe. Since 1917, Converse has already sold over a billion copies of the fabric sneaker - making the Chucks the most successful shoe model in history to date. Under the names Chucks, Cons or Connies, the sneakers are still among the versatile basics of the sneaker universe. No wonder, because they can be combined casually as well as chic with a break in style.

This is how we wear Converse Chucks now:

The "Converse Chuck Taylor All Star" give every look that certain coolness factor. Previously combined with skinny jeans, the sneaker is now ideal in a style break with wide trousers. Straight or wide-cut fabric trousers stand out perfectly from the narrow shape of the fabric shoe and make even elegant looks suitable for everyday use. Influencers on Instagram & Co. know how to do it and reach for high-necked, dark models in black or dark blue - because these timeless Chucks have been classics in the fashion world for decades.

"Converse Chuck Taylor All Star": Where is the model available?

The classic "Converse Chuck Taylor All Star" model can now be bought almost everywhere - so it's worth keeping your eyes and ears open for offers and deals. Converse's CTAS are available from Amazon for around 50 euros.

Top tip: In general, it is advisable to buy Converse on the smaller side. Chucks are usually larger than other brands and shoe models.


Converse Sneaker Chucks Core Black black (200) 42.5

€59.91 €70.00

To the offer at

Chucks are celebrating a comeback: These models are now trendy

In 2021, in addition to the classic "Converse Chuck Taylor All Star", fashion lovers are opting for shorter models, such as CTAS - OX, which end at ankle height. Especially in combination with cropped 7/8 pants, the low-top sneakers have a stretching effect, as they emphasize beautiful ankles and optically lengthen the legs. The summery canvas shoe can be combined with airy trousers or playful dresses.

Styling tip in summer: We set a noble accent with a Converse model in white or cream, for example, which is comparatively less eye-catching.


Converse Unisex Adult Sneaker Low Chuck Taylor All Star OX

€46.95 €69.99

To the offer at

Show your colors with fancy Converse Chucks

It's going to be colorful this summer! Already in the fashion metropolises of the world you can see a clear trend towards more joy of colour. Accordingly, special looks in bright red, hot pink or royal blue catch the eye. Fashion addicts perfectly implement the color trend with a colored Converse sneaker - this way, color can be easily integrated into everyday life without exchanging the entire summer wardrobe. For example, how about a red high-top model with blue jeans and a striped sailor-style top? This is how we pimp up the shoe collection with an eye-catching sneaker.


Converse Chucks Red M9621 Red All Star HI, Size:EUR 43

€54.95 €74.74

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Conclusion: Who can wear the popular Chucks from Converse?

The former basketball shoe is now not only suitable for the sporty look. Worn with trousers suitable for the office, Converse chucks create a skilful break in style that demonstrates fashion awareness. Basically, the sneaker is still convincing 100 years later and remains a casual favorite in our shoe range.