Adidas Stan Smith Slip-on: The sneaker that we now need for home

The Adidas Stan Smith is one of the great icons of the sneaker world.Over the years, this model has become so popular that even the athlete has put the athlete in the shade behind the famous name.The American tennis player Stan Smith, born in 1946, gave Adidas the rights of his name to produce shoes that combine the elegance of the racketeer and can be worn on both the square and in the club restaurant.(Read also: Adidas Sneaker - three white classics that you should wear this spring)

The Adidas Stan Smith is the epitome of the elegant white sneaker.You look good for absolutely everything you wear - whether jeans, straight -leg -leg pants or even a suit.Your unobtrusive, clear design is your best trump card.

The Adidas Stan Smith-an icon of the sneaker world is now in a slip-on version

Can you still improve the original design of the Adidas Stan Smith?No, but you can make it more convenient and easier.A good example of this is the Adidas Stan Smith slip-on.

The slip-on version of the sneaker icon is kept in the characteristic coloring "White / Green-Off White".It's almost like always.A sneaker made of a high-quality, soft leather, white eyelets, matching laces, white seams and perforated 3-stripe branding-accentuated by the green adidas originals branding on the tongue, the green insole and the printed inner sole, which highlights the prime control constructionthe recycled materials used.The design of the shoe is rounded off by a cream -colored running sole that expresses the adidas originals branding.The practical slip-on version enables the shoes to be put on quickly, without bending down and cords.The ideal shoe for at home and for hectic days.

Adidas Stan Smith Slip-on: Der Sneaker, den wir jetzt für zuhause brauchen

The Adidas Stan Smith Slip-on will probably go on sale in the coming weeks and should cost around 90 euros.

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