Cleaning suede: The best tips

Water stains: Acting quickly is important. Blot fresh water stains with a cloth to draw out the liquid. If the dried stain is still visible, you can dip a cloth in lukewarm water and wipe the shoe completely with it - but please be careful. Circular movements are recommended here. You can also stuff some paper into the shoes to keep them from deforming as they dry.

Wildleder reinigen: Die besten Tipps

Snow stains: Both water stains and snow stains can be treated with a clean cloth and vinegar. Or you can grab half an onion or lemon and rub the edges with it. Finally, you can treat the suede shoes with clear water and shampoo. Incidentally, the whole thing also works with smooth leather. Salt stains can also be removed with a special suede eraser.

Grease stains: First you should dab the stain with a cloth. Then spray light shoes completely with dry shampoo for blonde hair and dark shoes with dry shampoo for dark hair - alternatively you can also use baby powder. Brush out the stains with a suede brush. Stubborn dirt has settled on the sofa and carpet? Then take a look here: Remove grease stains.

Dry stains: You can remove dry stains on suede with a colorless eraser or a special leather eraser. It is best to erase from the inside out.