Fashion: More than just a sneaker: How sneakers became an adult shoe

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Fashion: More than just a sneaker: How sneakers became an adult shoe


More than just a sneaker: How sneakers became an adult shoe

Sneakers were an accessory of the rebellious youth, now business people and seniors are also wearing the casual sneakers.What is behind it.

Turn on the test: sit down in the café on the market or town hall square of your city and look at the people in one afternoon.More precisely your feet.Certainly more than half of those who run forward with sneakers will be traveling.Regardless of whether you start the attempt in Frankfurt, New York, Illertissen, Kempten or Paris, you will find: The sneaker whose forerunner was invented around 1860 in England as a cricketschuh is - well, you can't express it otherwise- on the advance and no longer just the first choice for sport.

Surveal of the world makes pumps, loafers and sandals look old

This can also be underpinned with a number: A consumer consumer study of the textile industry found in 2017 that for a large part of men and women (56 or.60 percent) the sneaker has become the most popular street shoe.Anyone who looks at the feet four years later does not have the impression that this proportion has decreased since then: the "versneaking” of the world continues and makes pumps, shoes and sandals look old.Or you could also express it like Claudia Schulz from the German Schuh Institute in Offenbach: "The sneaker has become an adult shoe."

Denn tatsächlich ist die „Versneakerung" ein Phänomen, das generationen- und geschlechterübergreifend ist und alle Schichten erfasst hat.The sports shoes as well as in the schoolyards can be found on board days.They are carried to a business suit, a light summer dress, jeans anyway. „Damit lässt sich jedes Outfit flotter drehen", nennt Claudia Schulz einen der Gründe, warum die ehemaligen Sportschuhe nun bei ganz anderen Anlässen als Tennis und Basketball zu finden sind.

Also suitable for downpours and on the subway staircase

It also makes it comfort and versatility as plus points of this footwear. „Wir sind viel unterwegs, da müssen unsere Schuhe einen Regenguss überstehen und auch geeignet sein, um die U-Bahn-Treppe herunterzuhasten", beschreibt Claudia Schulz die Alltagstauglichkeit der Sneakers, die sie für so viele attraktiv macht.The fact that they are so comfortable should be a reason why many older people also use these shoes. „Mit seiner breiten Passform und der dicken Sohle ist der Sneaker als Seniorenschuh natürlich sehr geeignet", weiß die Fachfrau.

Comfort, functionality, versatility and nonchalance - all well and good, but the aura that has always surrounded this footwear, but especially during this time, you do not capture it.

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Fashion: More than just a sneaker: How sneakers became an adult shoe

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"Sneakerhead" Sergie Maurer has up to 800 pairs

Anyone who talks to Sergio Maurer pushes into other dimensions. Da fallen in den ersten Sätzen des Telefongesprächs bereits Worte wie „Statement" und „Kult".Maurer, 40 years old, is exceptionally barefoot because he likes to walk around with bare feet at home in his Zurich apartment.When he leaves the apartment, he usually wears sneakers. Im Moment bevorzugt er die „Nike Air Max 90 Infrared".There could also be others, bricklayers have the choice, because in addition to them, he also has another 700 to 800 pairs, which he stacks in his apartment, in the basement, with his parents and now also on a covering of the bathtub. „Bei mir wird nur noch geduscht", sagt er mit seinem Schweizer Akzent und man kann sich gut vorstellen, dass er dabei grinst.

Sergio Maurer ist einer der Gründer der „Sneakerness", einer Messe für alle, die wie er ihre Füße in nichts anderes mehr stecken wollen.In 2008 the Swiss, at that time, initiated a sociable meeting among like -minded people in Bern.13 years later, it became a huge event in cities such as Amsterdam, Zurich or Cologne.Up to ten thousand people flocked to the pandeme -related cancellation of the past year, says Maurer, viewed and bought the latest models and exchanged over Colorway (coloring), Heel Cap (heel cap) and samples (the prototypes of a shoe to hunters to hunterslet).

$ 1.8 million for a few worn sneakers

You can't have a say as a sandal carrier.Because sneakerheads, that is, those people who passionately wear and collect sneakers, are - and that also promotes the hype - a community with their own language and special rituals.Unboxing about.This is the moment when you get the new sneaker out of the box. „Etwas vom Geilsten, was es gibt", schwärmt Sergio Maurer enthusiastisch und erzählt, wie er die Schuhe aus der Box nimmt, Schuhbänder aus- und neu einfädelt, wie er sie vorsichtig anzieht und erst einmal in der Wohnung ein wenig trägt. Sie „riecht und schmeckt", wie er es ausdrückt.You can get closer to the myth of the sneaker.

And continues to be amazed when you hear how the originally inexpensive use article has become an exclusive collector's item and even the expensive work of art.As recently happened when a black sneaker that the American rapper Kanye West had worn at an Oscar ceremony was auctioned through the Sotheby’s auction house for $ 1.8 million.Sneakers have long been an investment and are traded on the online exchange Stockx and securities.

Buy, store, photograph, specify: This happens with Deadstock shoes

Anyone who still believes that you buy shoes primarily to run around with you don't know about the magic of a Deadstock.This is an unworn couple of sneakers in original packaging with all accessories such as hanging labels, shoes and stickers.It remains well-controlled in the shelf of the collector, which will enjoy the world to express the world on social media under the hashtag #LPU (Latest pick-up), which he has just got. „Diese Angeberei hat in den letzten Jahren durch die sozialen Medien skurrile Formen angenommen", findet selbst Sergio Maurer.He himself no longer has to have every new shoe. „Ich bin vom Sammler zum Genießer geworden", sagt er.

Already in their beginnings when they were only sports shoes, the sneakers surrounded something special, starting with the name. „Sneakers" (engl.To sneak - sneaking) they were called because their flexible rubber sole in contrast to the leather sole used so far promised quieter steps.Two American companies, KEDS and Convers, took the English cricket shoes as a model and developed special shoes for sport in 1917. Convers tat sich dafür zusammen mit dem Basketballer Chuck Taylor für den legendären Baseballschuh „All Star", der unter dem Namen „Chucks" immer noch einer der meistverkauften Schuhe ist.Convers set a trend that still contributes a lot to that sneakers are so popular, especially among young people: collaboration with stars and designers.Yes, read correctly.The term collaboration is otherwise only known from the military area, in the world of sneakerheads he almost gets a consecration sound when the names of Michael Jordan or Kanye West falls, the sponsors of sneakers models became.

At Joschka Fischer they were still a protest, not at Kamala Harris

Well -known stars were already in the 1950s and 60s who brought the shoe from the sports halls into everyday life.James Dean, Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, Idole of a youth who wanted to be different in every respect than their uncool parents, showed their sneakers offensive and inspired the young generation.In the 1980s it was the rappers who not only explained the tone musically, but also fashionably with their caps, baggy pants and oversize shirts.Inclusive of the right sneakers naturally.

All of this plays a role in the universal popularity of the sports shoe.However, the sneaker is no longer just a symbol of a youth who is concerned with delimitation.The original non -conformity has given way to uniformity when everyone and every opportunity wear the casual footwear.Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, simply no longer seems as rebellious as Joschka Fischer with her chucks today when he appeared in his White Nikes for swearing in as an environment minister in the Hessian state parliament and thus insisted on his individuality in the army of the re -shoes.

The sneaker stands for young and dynamic today

Rather, the sneaker has become the image of our society.Or more precisely: the symbol of the ideals of our society.We want to be young and dynamic.We want to take constraints and conventions like the bulky leather shoes and we don't want to have it comfortably on the casual friday anymore.To sneak on soft soles is more trendy than walking through life on high heels.Demonstratively, female stars, in the sign of #Meetoo.And certainly the sneakers are just the right footwear in order to not only find the right grip in the professional world geared towards mobility and flexibility, but also to start career.

White sneakers - "The Holy Grail" among the sports shoes

So it will certainly not take a quick end with the mass phenomenon of sneakers, even if this is repeatedly predicted. „Die Trends werden sich ändern, aber verschwinden werden Sneakers auf keinen Fall", ist sich Sergio Maurer sicher.Dad shoes in a deliberate, chunky design, futuristic sock sneakers that nest around, nest around the ankles like stockings.Retro sneakers, variations of classic models from the 1970s, are currently announced. Und der weiße Sneaker, für Sergio Maurer „der heilige Gral" unter den Sportschuhen.

High-tech always offers new opportunities: with materials such as goretex and recycled plastic or soles from the 3D printer and self-lace with built-in small engine, based on Michael J's miracle shoes. Fox im Film „Zurück in die Zukunft", wird der Sneaker immer wieder neu erfunden.

Is this the chance for a low-shoe revival now?

And back to Claudia Schulz from the German Schuh Institute in Offenbach.She also believes that the possibilities that the sneakers offer are not yet exhausted.However, she also wonders how long it goes with the Sneakers enthusiasm of the youth.“If grandmas and grandpas are already running around in sneakers, at some point a countermovement has to be used so that the boys can break away from the old ones." Für den guten alten Halbschuh könnte das dann eine Chance für ein schleichendes Revival sein.

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