Sustainability at Nike: With the “Move to Zero” campaign, the company is taking action against climate change

For a sustainable approach, Nike launched the company's "Move to Zero" campaign. This initiative aims to reduce to almost zero the carbon emissions that affect the environment and are crucial to the progression of climate change in the world. The company is currently aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of all key inputs used in the manufacture of its parts (such as polyester, cotton, leather and rubber) by 50 percent, and then to a full reduction by 2025 to reach zero. But this ideology not only leans toward a future where we see 100 percent sustainable products, it also influences the House's familiar style, creating compelling silhouettes and garments. (Also read: Nike Space Hippie: These sneakers are sustainable, futuristic and coming soon)

“Innovation is part of our DNA; therefore we are working to find alternative materials with a lower carbon footprint. We think about what product we make, how we design it, how we get it to the athletes and then how we transform it into something new," the company said in a statement, talking about the focus on sustainability spoke. Additionally, Nike mentioned that they are the biggest user of recycled polyester in the industry and highlighted the "Crater Foam" technology - a blend of recycled materials derived from Nike's production waste. And it is precisely this technology that leads to one of the new products that we will soon be able to buy. (Also: These 3 perfumes are produced sustainably - and they also smell really good)

Nike “Crater Impact”

Made from at least 25 percent recycled material from Crater Foam technology, this new sneaker has a pretty interesting outsole. In addition, it convinces with a classic design in the upper material, with different layers, and the Swoosh in a special embroidery. The sneaker has exactly the style that the brand is pursuing this year: slightly minimalist, but not deviating from the real character of the house. There are two different models available for purchase, one of which is a bit cleaner than the other. The latter uses a strong phosphorescent green for its sporty look. (Also: watches and sustainability: how green is your timepiece?)

Nike revival

However, the Crater Impact line didn't catch our attention as much as the Nike Revival collection. This also focuses on the "Move To Zero" - with garments that are made of 75 percent sustainable materials. Here, recycled and/or organic cotton blends and recycled polyester are used, as well as including waste from the shoe manufacturing process. This makes the collection one of the most eco-friendly we've seen from Nike.