Nike agrees with “Satan Shoes” by Lil NAS X on a curious recall

At the end of March 2021, Nike went to court against the US artist collective and the rapper Lil NAS X for violating trademark rights.The reason for this was a modified model of the Nike Air Max 97, which was published by MSchF and was known as "Satan Shoes".Nike said that the publication had passed without the consent of the group and that the goodwill added "considerable damage".(Read: Shoes with human blood? Nike sues manufacturer of the "Lil Nas X Satan Shoes")

Details for the agreement of the dispute

The court trial did not take a long time: As the US technology portal "The Verge" reports, both parties made an agreement in the court trial after just under a week.The exact details of the arbitration of the dispute were not announced.According to the report, the deal includes the offer that buyers of the "Satan shoes" (just like the so-called "Jesus shoes", a similar predecessor model from MSchF) can be returned and the purchase price is refunded.

Mschf sees artistic purpose fulfilled

MSchF (an abbreviation for "mixedief", including "mischief" or "mischief") was satisfied in a statement."With the 'Satan Shoes' - which were sold out in less than a minute - Mschf wanted to comment on the absurdity of the collaboration culture practiced by some brands and the malice of intolerance," said the lawyers of the artist collective "The Verge".The artistic purpose has already been achieved with the campaign that a comparison was "the best way for the collective [...] in order to leave this legal dispute behind so that it can devote itself to new artistic and expressive projects".

Nike einigt sich bei “Satan Shoes

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Nike is satisfied with agreement

Nike was also satisfied with the result of the court trial."Mschf changed these shoes without the approval of Nike," said a spokesman."As part of the comparison, Nike Mschf asked, and MSchf has agreed to initiate a voluntary recall campaign to buy all 'Satan shoes' and 'Jesus shoes' at their original sales prices to pull them out of circulationYou can do so or your shoes for other reasons, you can do so against a complete reimbursement. Buyers who decide not to return their shoes and later have a product problem, a defect or health concerns, should not contact MSchF, not to Nike"According to the group's statement.

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