Online trade: the volume of returns places a financial burden on many retailers

I have now sided with the online retailers on several occasions, because I simply know some of them personally and can see how difficult it is for most of them, given the high advertising costs (Google, price portals, etc.), returns and competition from the really big ones (Amazon etc.) yet to exist. I now have a completely different view of the situation. Some of the anti-online shop arguments presented here are not well thought-out: Very few online retailers still have substantial margins. Every return must therefore be priced in and ultimately drives up the costs. The mega buyers like Amazon get the good purchasing margins. Some of my customers get the products in the EK as expensive as the big competition puts the VK. The air then becomes very thin. Many "it's your own fault" arguments don't hold water. The real blame usually lies with the manufacturer, who makes unrealistic promises, produces bad pictures and poor descriptions. You buy the box in the brick-and-mortar store and you don't even know what's in it. You can send it back online. The store often has no competition and determines the price. The competition online is fierce. Where the shop pays high rents, the online shop has to pay huge sums for the online shop, advertising and SEO specialists. And at the same time he is in extreme competition, since he can only stand out on price portals through the price and, with a bit of luck, through the ratings. Most people are not interested in whether he has fair conditions, pays his people well or provides good service. Onlinehandel: Menge von Retouren belastet viele Händler finanziell

Although I have a lot of understanding for online shops, I personally buy as much as possible offline on site. I keep seeing my purchases and how much more time it takes when I buy something online. I can't try anything on, I can't touch it and if I don't want to happily make use of the right of return - like many here - a lot of time goes into research. For that reason alone, as a highly digital person, I don't believe in excessive online shopping - it's not very sustainable. But somehow that doesn't seem to be the problem for you - at least that's what it sounds like. Unfortunately, many brick-and-mortar retailers have missed out on online competition. Instead of countering this with good advice and service, you just muddle on as before. Only now the competition is no longer 20km away in the next town, but right there in your pocket.