Sneaker as an investment: This is how the business with sneakers is worthwhile

Sneaker as an investment

Before sneakers were considered an investment, it took a long time.The “sneakerhead” culture began over 30 years ago as a substrate movement.Today, sneakers are no longer only suitable for everyday use, but a real hype.The American Benjamin Kapelushnik became a millionaire as an investment at the age of sixteen.And that through the sale of rare sneakers.For so -called "Rare Kickz", fans camping in front of shops worldwide in order to be the first to get the coveted treads.Some want to wear the exclusive shoes, others buy limited models to sell them again.And that can be worth it.Experts already appreciate this second market worldwide between five and seven billion dollars.(Read also: these are the best sneakers stores worldwide)

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How profitable is investing in sneakers?

Sneaker als Geldanlage: So lohnt sich das Geschäft mit Sneakern

Limited requirements or cooperations with celebrities set strong buying stimuli for collectors.One of the most popular sneakers in recent years is the Off-White and Nike collection.The value of these models rose to twenty times within almost two years.The value of the Nike Air Mag Back to the Future 2016 also shoots up on trading platforms.The maximum commandment for the self-lacing shoe on the occasion of the anniversary of the cult film "Back to the Future" is almost 60,000 euros on online marketplaces such as Stockx.So sneakers are no longer just a fashionable statement, but also a profitable resale business - if you do everything right.

So it is worth buying sneakers

The right model: To make money with sneakers, you have to buy certain models cheap in retail before re -sale them at a higher price.In order to really benefit from resale, the product must have a permanent value.This works particularly well when brands like Nike or Adidas Limited Editions bring on the market.The industry benefits from the deliberate shortage: they create a maximum brand hype.Models that were designed in cooperation with well -known designers or celebrities are also particularly popular.However, this also means that many fans and sneakerheads want to get the strictly limited shoes and therefore it is often difficult to get to the collective objects.(By the way: these are the ten most popular sneakers on Instagram)

Information: With websites or apps such as Snkrs from Nike, Frenzy, Stockx, Ebay or the app from Adidas, you will learn everything about upcoming releases and can take part in online raffles.A raffle is a raffle in which you can only win the right to buy for the sneaker and not the shoe yourself.These raffles always take place a few days before the official release and they do not have to sit in front of the computer on the day of the release.You can also learn about apps, Facebook groups and Instagram whether you can buy the sneakers from an online or Instore Raffle or whether the sale is based on the principle of "First come, first serve".Always stay on the ball, because if you don't inform yourself well enough, you can quickly be pulled over the table or invest in the wrong shoe.(Read also: the sneaker code - the new status symbols)

Happiness: But even if you are well informed, you do not always automatically have the option of purchasing the coveted kicks.The competition is so hard today that often the best of luck is to get limited editions.


A prerequisite for a successful investment in sneakers is when they enjoy unusual models, suck information and understand the sneaker market.If you don't stay on the ball and are not sufficiently interested in the topic, you should not prefer sneakers as an investment and prefer to concentrate on classic options.(Also interesting: the best current sneakers for less than 100 euros)